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Welcome to the website of Moon In June. Music connects us people. And it creates feelings that you just need to live. Whether it concerns ourselves or others. Seemingly effortlessly, we develop sensitivity, happiness and empathy. Important prerequisites for a satisfied and fulfilled life. This is why I founded this music project and am proud to be able to realize the songs and compositions with my artistic possibilities and to be part of them. It is not the style of music or the names of the interpreters that matter, but primarily the power and expressiveness of the work. I'm afraid I'm missing that more and more in entertainment today. I stand on intros, breathtaking harmonies, sophisticated arrangements and improvisations. And not rhythm blocks aligned or lax, recurring chords. If the result is true, there is no difference between art, kitsch and cabaret. And please believe me: creativity makes us all unique people. The question to an artist shouldn't be, "How much pieces did you sell?" or "What did you earn?" They say, "How did you think of that?" or "How do you know what makes me dance?" It is well known that there is dispute about taste. I'm glad if you share my musical views with some masses and see the matter as I do. At the same time I am grateful for any suggestion and any constructive criticism! Thank you for your visit and I wish you a lot of pleasure             Paul

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